DIY Kit Instructions


  • Donuts x4
  • Ready to pipe Lotus Biscoff spread
  • Ready to pipe Cookie’s & Cream spread
  • Lotus Biscoff Icing 
  • Blue Icing
  • Lotus Biscoff crumb
  • Oreo crumb
  • x2 Lotus biscuits
  • x2 Oreo biscuits
DIY Lower

Step By Step

  1. Poke a small hole in the side of each donut with a pair of scissors.
  2. Cut the end of the filling piping bags with scissors (about 2cm from the bottom).
  3. With one hand holding the donut and the other holding the piping bag, poke the end of the piping bag into the hole you just created. Try get as close to the centre of the donut as possible.
  4. Twist the top of piping bag then squeeze to fill the donut until you start to feel the donut expand slightly (CAREFUL NOT TO POP THE DONUT).
  5. Once filled cut a small hole in the icing piping bags (about 1cm from the bottom).
  6. Then pipe the icing on top of the donut starting in the middle and in a circular motion moving towards the outside of the donut. TIP: You dont need to much as the icing will take a few seconds to settle down and fully cover the donut.
  7. Finally using the crumbs and biscuits finish of as desired!