Spooky Six




Oreo Cookie Monster – filled with Cookies & Cream spread, dipped in blue icing & blue sprinkles, finished with the Cookie Monster munching on his favourite snack…OREO!!

The Mummy – White Chocolate Mousse filled, dipped in White Choc spread, wrapped in white choc ganache.

Pumpkin Spice – Filled with Pumpkin spice white choc mousse with an orange surprise, glazed in orange & black icing, sprinkled with mini pumpkins & bats.

Chocolate Web – We all know someone scared of spiders…so best hide this from them! Our classic dough ring cut, dipped in milk choc spread and a white choc spiders web.

Frankenstein – We have bough Frankenstein too life and he is TASTY!! Filled with a green sour apple filling, dipped in a green glaze and hand iced to look like the monster himself.

Strawberry Brain – Filled with a bloody Strawberry Jam, dipped in white icing, a strawberry brain and splattered with strawberry blood.