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In search of the ‘Unholy’ Grail

Today the modern world is packed full of fabulous flavours, textures and culinary delights. The humble donut is not usually considered to be the ‘height of fine dining’ but it does hold a special place in ‘food heaven’ for the Unholy Donut brothers, and this is why…

Charlie loved to travel and Louis loved to bake. And wherever Charlie visited, he always loved to experience the very best of the local cuisine.

Following one such trip, he returned home with tales of a very disappointing donut experience. Surely the donut world had something better and more memorable to offer him? But, Charlie
just couldn’t find the sumptuous, extravagant, unearthly donut he craved. Charlie knew he had to pursue his mission to find the Holy Grail of donut perfection. So he looked to his brother to help him transform his vision of donut heaven into a genuine earthly delight.

Chef Louis began creating a range of tantalising donuts so
indulgent it was almost ungodly. With flavours and fillings so
good, it seemed an absolute sin to make a ring donut and leave a missing hole…and thus the Unholy Donut came into being…

Now, this story gives you a little taster about how our story began. And if you want to find out more about the ending, well take a bite of one of our ‘Unholy Donuts’…to find your very own happy ending.